Why Your Body Needs Water

You have likely heard someone recommend that you drink more water. If you have a headache, drink more water. If you’ve caught a cold, drink more water. Water is incredibly important and can help the body heal. Your body is made of water (about 80%). The exact amount of water depends on many factors, including age and body composition. For example, a younger body generally has more water than an older one. Up to three quarters of the water that’s in your body is intracellular fluid. Intracellular fluid is the liquid that is found inside the body’s cells.

The remaining is extracellular fluid, which is all other body fluids including:

  • Blood plasma (the clear liquid in blood)
  • Lymph
  • Urine
  • Sweat
  • Interstitial fluid (the fluid between cells)

Your body needs water to:

  • Carry waste products out of your body, which removes bodily toxins
  • Ensure biochemical reactions such as metabolism occur (producing energy, building tissue)
  • Digest your food
  • Regulate cooling system

Drink up!

Until next time,

The Apollo Team

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