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We are advocates of the wellness revolution in the communities we serve and champions of the global wellness message and lifestyle. We seek to light a burning desire to live a better life in every person we meet! We aim to be the catalyst in the reaction, the spark that gets things moving, that lights a fire of wellness in every area of a person’s life!

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Does your injury require physiotherapy?

Does your injury require physiotherapy?

Accidents and injuries happen.  Some heal on their own, but not all of them.  Sometimes it can be a challenge to decide when you need to wait and when to make an appointment with a professional.  Here are some clues: Pain – If pain is constant, even at...

Back to School Anxiety

Back to School Anxiety

Back-to-school season can be, and usually is for most of us, an incredibly stressful time that seems to last for much too long, while also not lasting long enough. There are only so many hours in the day, and these hours quickly become crammed with teacher meetings,...

What I do around here:

I prescribe, progress, and regress exercise programs as well as teach correct movement techniques to help others recover, stay mobile, and injury free. I also apply treatment modalities such as thermotherapy, cryotherapy, TENS, STIM, IFC, ultrasound, and taping.

I became an Exercise Specialist because:

I am passionate about interacting and learning from others, and love being able to see people reach their full potential and live with good quality of life through exercise and physical activity!

My personal philosophy is:

Get to know the person, not just the patient.

What I do for fun:

I enjoy activities that allow me to spend time with my wife and two daughters.  Riding on the bike trails of Ottawa, playing golf, hockey and soccer are just a few of the things that keep me active.  As well, spending a few days at the gym working on strength and aerobic conditioning allow me to stay fit and keep pace with my active children.  With very little down time, I occasionally like to spend a quiet night at home watching a movie or playing the Wii.

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