Tricks to Stay Healthy on Halloween

We all know how delicious those fun-sized Halloween bars are. It seems harmless to grab a few candies here and there. Before we know it, we have eaten the whole box of Halloween candy that was being saved to hand out to the kids! What can you do to stay healthy on Halloween? Here are a few tips to help you out!

  • Buy candy that you don’t love. A simple way to avoid eating Halloween candy is to purchase the candy that isn’t your favourite. If you favourite snack in the world is Aero bars, it will difficult to avoid snacking on the big box of Aero that you have stashed away for Halloween night. If you cupboard is full of candy you don’t really like, it will be much easier for you to avoid temptations.
  • Replace the candy with better choices. It is a great idea to buy or make some of your favourite healthy snacks to avoid reaching for unhealthy options. Fruits or veggies & dip are quick alternatives to processed, high-calorie candy.
  • Take a walking break. This tip is especially helpful when you’re at work. Many times there are big bowls of goodies at work and we are tempted to grab one whenever we walk by. Taking a short break to go for a walk is a powerful way to clear your mind and think of something other than your craving for a sugary treat.
  • Manage your hunger. Ensuring that you eat a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner is one of the most important steps to avoid unhealthy snacking. If you find yourself extremely hungry, you will reach for a high sugar snack such as Halloween treats.
  • Wait to buy candy. Buying your Halloween candy one or two days before Halloween limits the amount of time the candy is sitting in your house. If it is not in your house, you will crave it less!
  • Store Halloween treats out of sight. This one is fairly simple. Don’t store the Halloween treats on your kitchen counter. Think “out of sight, out of mind”.
  • Take time to enjoy the Halloween treats that you do eat. You can still enjoy Halloween treats by taking time to savor them. By slowly eating your snacks, you can really enjoy eating them! This will allow you to appreciate the snack and eat less. 

Happy Healthy Halloween!


Until next time,

The Apollo Team

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