Many people associate physical therapists with recovery from sports injuries or surgeries. At Apollo Physical Therapy, we treat individuals with many conditions or ailments. As your physiotherapist in Ottawa, we can often help you achieve a better quality of life or make it easier to perform daily activities.

How physiotherapy can help you


Traumatic brain injuries of many types can make walking or other movements difficult. Physiotherapists can help retrain your brain and help restore damaged motor pathways so that they function more normally. You can rebuild the muscle and brain connection to return to some of the activities you enjoy. We work on balance and flexibility. To help restore those pathways, ask for a therapist that specializes in neurology.


An episode of vertigo can be frightening. Beyond the loss of balance, the person can also have extreme nausea and disorientation. An Ottawa physiotherapist can help with benign proximal positional vertigo (BPPV). The PT can clear the calcium carbonate crystal in the inner ear using specific head, neck, and body movements. This is the culprit that interferes with normal functioning. Ask for a therapist who knows about vestibular disorders.


Physicians will often prescribe physical activities to strengthen muscles that are affected by coronary artery disease. Going to a gym can sometimes be too strenuous for damaged hearts. A physical therapist can monitor your exercise regimen and help the cardiac muscles and fibres remodel in an organized and specific manner to preserve and improve cardiac operations.


Chronic lung diseases can make breathing difficult, which prevents individuals from exercising fully. Then muscles begin to weaken, and general deterioration can occur. Physical therapists have a range of exercises that will help build endurance. They add breathing exercises to increase oxygenation. All of this can help restore mobility.

Jaw Pain 

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) is associated with stress. However, problems with posture can contribute to the condition. Altered bite and grinding teeth during sleep will only worsen the situation. Poor posture also affects how our jaw functions. Using manual therapy, the muscles can be taught to relax, easing the jaw pain. Combine this with good posture, and the entire body will benefit.

Low Back Pain 

Undoubtedly one of the most common complaints that physiotherapists deal with. You will be asked several questions about your lifestyle and work habits. The PT can then assign the correct exercises to counteract the distress. They will also help you understand and strengthen your core abdominal muscles to prevent a recurrence.


Controlling urine output can become difficult for older adults and men who have had prostate removed or women who have had children. Pelvic floor exercises allow the patient to regain some bladder control to handle strenuous activities or unexpected leakage. Ask for your therapist that works with pelvic therapies.

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If you are reading this article, chances are you are dealing with one of these issues. If so, physiotherapy can help. Physiotherapy is a great way to maintain well-being and recover from injury. It can also help you achieve your goals in activities of daily living. Contact our office and schedule a visit with our Ottawa physiotherapist to assess your issues and create a personalized treatment plan.