The connection between pelvic floor issues and back pain

Most people associate difficulties with pelvic floor muscles with urinary leaks or intimacy issues. These muscles do far more than that. They surround the anus and genitals, and then they extend back to the coccyx. Without this strong muscle group, organs can collapse, or back pain can be triggered.

The back likes to be kept busy. So it is not very happy when a person has a job that keeps them seated all day or at night when lying in a single position for hours. While it does not favour immobility, it does not like all movements and can easily be sprained, strained, or develop spinal issues. If you experience back pain, Ottawa physiotherapists might be able to help. At that time, be sure to inquire about the cause of being affected by pelvic floor muscles.

There are primary connections between the pelvic floor and lower back pain.

Lower back pain, pelvic floor and posture.

Back pain can cause a person to adjust their posture. It can also happen that bad posture will cause back pain. Pelvic floor muscles can also cause problems. If posture is incorrect and the pelvic muscles fail, the internal organs will reorient themselves, causing even more problems.

The impact of the pelvic floor on back pain.

For women with lumbar discs that curve too far, the vagina will tilt from its normal axis. Combining poor posture with chronic coughing and pelvic floor weakness, more difficulties will begin and possibly end with a prolapse.

When the back curves forward, the diaphragm will press on the abdominal organs, increasing the pressure on the pelvic floor. This often happens in pregnant women.

Understanding muscle chains.

Muscles work together to form chains. The best-known muscle chain is the back of the leg that involves the hamstrings, calves, and foot arches. Similarly, the pelvic muscles join with the muscles in the back and in the abdomen. This makes the pelvic floor a central point in this muscle chain. Each organ and muscle group supports another and can influence each others’ functions.

If you are experiencing back pain, you may want to localize the distress by analyzing when it happens (after a long night’s sleep, after a workday?), does movement make it better or worse, any treatments that may have resulted in even a slight improvement (heat, stretching, etc.)

Physiotherapy can help

The back enjoys movement and must move! But be cautious not to perform uncomfortable activities since being stationary is the worst. Let us not forget that the term “physiotherapist” comes from ancient Greek and means “heal by movement.” If you feel that you would benefit from the services of Ottawa physiotherapists, contact our office for a consultation visit.

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