Alexandra (Sandra) Childs


In-Home Ottawa Physiotherapist


Alexandra (Sandra) Childs

In-Home Physiotherapist, BScPT


B.P.H.E, B.Sc.P.T

What I do around here:

I provide In-Home Physiotherapy/Rehabilitative care to our Apollo Ottawa area patients. I love the challenge of complex care for infants, children, and adults. If you feel you have hit a “road block” in your rehabilitation, I would love to see you!

I became a Physiotherapist because:

I like to empower people and give them the tools they need to change. Each of us have the ability to be better, stronger, or faster.

My personal philosophy is:

JUST DO IT (I may have stole that one from someone. …lol). What I mean is…stop procrastinating and just get to it. Live it: day-to-day in your actions.  Breathe it. It shouldn’t be just for a month or two. It should be the way you live 95% of the time.

What I do for fun:

It isn’t the choice of activity that makes something fun, it is the company you enjoy it with.  That being said, I love all sports, am an avid cyclist and last but not least, often find myself an active taxi service for my 3 children – each involved in their own competitive sport!

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