Common myths about pool physiotherapy in Ottawa debunked

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There are many misconceptions about pool physiotherapy in Ottawa, and we are here to clear them out. It is not training for the Olympics and trying to qualify for a title.

Here are some common false ideas and the reality of the therapy process.

You need to know how to swim.

Most aquatic pools have graduated depths, and people can stand comfortably or move to the deeper end if they are good swimmers. Exercises are developed for each individual based on their abilities and needs.

It’s only for chronic pain.

Granted, it is often recommended for people with chronic pain issues but can also help many other conditions.

  • Post-surgical exercise
  • Neck and spinal injuries
  • Peripheral nerve damage
  • Joint conditions like arthritis or replacements

Pool physiotherapy in Ottawa is found to be beneficial for strengthening, balance issues, flexibility, and range of motion.

It can be dangerous for cardiac patients.

Swimming and vertical aquatic exercising are different things. A qualified aquatic therapist will work in cooperation with the cardiologist to develop the right series of exercises and monitor the patient’s progress.

Pool water is harmful to the skin.

Long-term exposure to chlorinated water can be harmful. If you have concerns, choose a facility that uses saltwater-based sanitation.

It is cold and nasty.

Chilly water temperature is not necessary. Most pools are heated at a comfortable and constant temperature that will not only be pleasant but can offer therapeutic benefits.

I have to choose between traditional PT and aquatics.

Both forms of therapy are acceptable and can work together. Some patients are not able to handle certain exercises in the office setting but can perform them in a pool, allowing rehabilitation to progress.

Finding the right place for your rehabilitation.

If you are reading this, chances are you are already considering pool physiotherapy in Ottawa. Pool physiotherapy has many benefits and can really help in your recovery, but you will need a trustworthy Ottawa physiotherapy clinic to help you in the process. With this in mind, contact our office to discuss arrangements for aquatic therapy for your rehabilitation needs. We have years of experience in helping our patients to get back to their lives.

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