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In-Home Ottawa Physiotherapy

We offer in-home physiotherapy services for patients in the Ottawa region. Our at-home physio patients receive the same high-quality care that we offer in our clinic. We’ve tailored our physical therapy services for people who have busy schedules, limited mobility, and/or cannot travel outside of their homes. We have licensed in-home and mobile Ottawa physiotherapists to serve you.

Mobile Chiropractic

Life becomes more manageable with mobile chiropractic services for our Ottawa physiotherapy patients. Sessions include chiropractic adjustments, hands-on rehabilitative techniques, ergonomic tips and tricks to reduce your daily strains and rehabilitative physio exercises to help you get back to normal living.

Mobile Massage Therapy

In-home massage therapy delivered in the comfort of your home. Massage Therapy is a useful physio treatment for conditions that include pain and muscle tension in the back, neck, and shoulder; fatigue; stress injuries; headaches and migraines; and more. All our Ottawa massage therapists are registered and insured.