How Ottawa Physiotherapy Can Help With Lower Back Pain

Physiotherapy can help lower back pain and restore your body to how it was before your back injury. Ottawa Physiotherapy will approach therapy in two ways to reduce pain in your lower back:

  • Passive physiotherapy
  • Active physiotherapy 

How does passive Ottawa physiotherapy help with lower back pain?

Passive therapy is performed to reduce inflammation and muscle spasm. It is applied in the following forms to help relieve pain in your lower back:

Heat or ice pack

This common type of passive physiotherapy is used to reduce inflammation and ease lower back pain. It is effective during the early phases of treatment

Ultrasound, which helps to reduce pain and speed healing in the lower back muscles using energy and heat

Electrical steroid application through the skin

This therapy is fast-acting and very effective in reducing inflammation and back pain.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS)

Tens help to reduce the sensation of pain in the lower back using low-voltage electric current.

How does active Ottawa physiotherapy help with lower back pain?  

Unlike passive physiotherapy, a patient of active physiotherapy actively participates in a number of exercises to help strengthen and rehabilitate the spine.

 Here are some of the exercises in active physiotherapy:

Aerobic conditioning

Patients are engaged in low-impact aerobic conditioning like cycling for the reduction of pain in the long run

General stretching

Stretching all areas of the body is effective in reducing pain in patients suffering from chronic lower back pain

Muscle strengthening  

Sometimes your chronic lower back pain may result from a weak back or core. Stabilization exercises like dynamic lumbar stabilization will ensure your back heals properly. 

Most of us will experience back pain at some point in life. Remaining active through stretching exercises that improve your spine health is essential. Apollo Physiotherapy offers patient-specific therapies for chronic lower back pain treatment. Our therapy approaches are informed by evidence to benefit every particular lower back pain condition. Contact us today to book a therapy session with us.

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