Sports Injuries

Whether you`re a professional athlete or play sports recreationally, sports injuries are very common. The most frequent sports injuries that occur include:

Knee injuries: In soccer and football, the cutting motion can cause knee ligament sprain. The meniscus of the knee may also be damaged with twisting motions, such as in fencing.

Ankle sprains and strains: Common among dancers and basketball players. Ankle sprains can become a chronically occurring issue if not treated properly.

Dislocations (shoulder, fingers): Trauma to a joint, such as a tackle in rugby, can cause the joint to go out of place causing underlying damage to the ligaments and muscles.

Shin splints: Long distance runners often develop shin splints on the front or back of the shin due to muscular imbalance, which can decrease race performance and long term dysfunction.  

Repetitive strain injuries: Swimmers often develop repetitive strain in muscles around the shoulder joints due to the nature of the activity

It is crucial to achieve not only a pain-free state, but a functional state post-injury. Therefore, even if you do not have pain after a sports-related injury, it may cause future complications or imbalances that limit your athletic potential.

Your registered health care professional at Apollo Physical Therapy Centres can address underlying muscle or joint dysfunction that increase susceptibility to injury. By addressing these issues within the treatment plan and setting goals, you can prevent future injuries and enjoy your athletic pursuits to the fullest!

What I do around here:

I prescribe, progress, and regress exercise programs as well as teach correct movement techniques to help others recover, stay mobile, and injury free. I also apply treatment modalities such as thermotherapy, cryotherapy, TENS, STIM, IFC, ultrasound, and taping.

I became an Exercise Specialist because:

I am passionate about interacting and learning from others, and love being able to see people reach their full potential and live with good quality of life through exercise and physical activity!

My personal philosophy is:

Get to know the person, not just the patient.

What I do for fun:

I enjoy activities that allow me to spend time with my wife and two daughters.  Riding on the bike trails of Ottawa, playing golf, hockey and soccer are just a few of the things that keep me active.  As well, spending a few days at the gym working on strength and aerobic conditioning allow me to stay fit and keep pace with my active children.  With very little down time, I occasionally like to spend a quiet night at home watching a movie or playing the Wii.

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