Combining physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments for better results

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At our Ottawa physiotherapist clinic, we are often asked if it is possible to combine the services of different disciplines of the medical community, like a chiropractor and a physiotherapist. The short answer is yes, but under the appropriate circumstances.

Choosing between a chiropractor or a physiotherapist

Some of the tests, examinations, or manipulations between the two disciplines can be the same or similar. The treatments are very different, and each requires different skill sets, training, and licensure. Seeing both caregivers can be valuable or detrimental. The circumstances for each patient will determine if one is favoured over the other or if they can be used as a joint treatment option. Much will depend on the consultation of all the medical personnel involved in the treatment, including the primary care physician. It is also essential that you get detailed descriptions of the methods they will be using so that you can make the best decision.

How do you choose the right moment to mix your sessions?

Finding the right balance between less and more can be a challenge, especially if you are in pain. It is crucial to allow your body to adjust to the treatments provided by either or both your physiotherapist and chiropractor. You should receive regular updates on your progress and when and how to integrate the two services. You need to be sure the treatments are each providing the manipulations that will allow your body to heal, and they are not conflicting with each other. As your reliable physiotherapist in Ottawa, we suggest that you delay your Ottawa chiropractic care until you need to work on the underlying cause of the problem. As stated earlier, no two patients are exactly alike, and you need to temper your decision accordingly.

If you intend to follow two care plans, let both practitioners know your decision. Also, it is recommended that you allow at least 23 to 48 hours between each session to allow your body to adjust to the session. This will apply whether you see one or more practitioners.

More than just being polite, it is important to let your caregivers know when you are suspending or terminating services with either or both. It is their responsibility to inform you of any consequences and advise treatment options. If you have doubts, ask questions and consult with other caregivers. Notifying the caregivers of changes allows them to record your care correctly and to inform other practitioners who may be involved.

Find a reliable professional.

The most important step when choosing whether you need a chiropractor or a physiotherapist is to find the right professional to help you manage your condition. At Apollo Physio, we have the best professionals in both Ottawa physiotherapy and chiropractic for you to choose from. We pride ourselves on our physiotherapists and chiropractors who offer the best service possible, bringing our clients back to comfort. Contact us today!

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