Benefits of physiotherapy to athletes (and amateur sportspeople)

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You have probably noticed that most professional sports teams have physiotherapists as part of their group. This is also true for universities and many local leagues. Our Ottawa physiotherapy team understands the importance of this ongoing medical treatment option for amateurs, professionals, and the “Sunday athlete.”

There are many reasons why regular physiotherapy treatments can benefit the sportsperson, and here are some to consider.

Immediate Response

By treating an injury right after its occurrence, you have the best chance for recovery. No one wants to prolong pain and suffering. Treating an injury in a timely manner will help the athlete return to the sport sooner and in the best condition to function to their fullest abilities. With a physiotherapy clinic already on board, your players have the advantage of medical personnel familiar with each player and their own physical limitations. The physiotherapist is able to access medical history and prescribe the appropriate treatment options quicker, which will lead to a more rapid recovery.

Injury Prevention

Completely avoiding sports injuries is highly unlikely. However, some measures can be initiated to prevent the more common injuries in any given sport. The physiotherapist in Ottawa will be aware of the risks and can offer guidance about the proper warm-ups and cool-downs that will help prevent sprains, tears, and other damage. The physical therapist is also able to recommend appropriate protective gear.


The physiotherapist is able to assess each athlete to determine any underlying conditions that can impact performance using various analytic tools. It can address foot function, gait, and other patterns that can improve the person’s abilities during the sport.

Physiotherapy can also address support for basic principles in any sport like balance, core fitness, and other options that will improve general health and assist in the coach’s training program.

Finding the right physiotherapy clinic

If you are an athlete or an amateur sportsperson and want to find the proper physio in Ottawa, search no more. Apollo Physical Therapy Centre offers a range of services and treatments for athletes, including physical rehabilitation, exercise programs and chiropractic therapies. We also have massage therapists for sports injuries who hold advanced certifications in their specialties. Contact us and schedule a visit!

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Treatment for Burnout

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