Pain Relief

  • One of the most common reasons to get a massage is for pain relief. Whether it’s pain from a chronic condition or a pulled muscle, massage is a great pain reliever. Massage therapy is a non-invasive approach to pain relief.

Massage Helps You Breathe

  • Massaging the muscles of the chest, back and upper body helps to relax the respiratory muscles, allowing you to breathe more easily. There is also an increase in blood circulation to the lungs, which helps rid the body of carbon dioxide. If you suffer from asthma, shortness of breath or chest tightness from stress, a massage may really help!

Improves Posture & Flexibility

  • Regular massage therapy can do wonders for your posture and flexibility! Massage therapy loosens muscles and relieves pressure points, which allow a greater range of motion in surrounding joints. Once these tight muscles are relieved, you can restore a natural posture.

Stress Relief

  • Stress affects everyone in one way or another and it is crucial that we mange it well. One fantastic way of managing stress is regular massage therapy. Regular massage can help keep stress-hormone levels at optimal levels. Massage therapy helps raise endorphin levels in the body, which boost mood!

Speeds Injury Recovery

  • When injuries occur, the body starts to form scar tissue. This is a natural, healing response to injury. A massage can help to break up the scar tissue and flush out inflammation.

We have several skilled Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) ready to help!

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