Dr. Jason Elk

Dr. Jason Elk

Chiropractor, DC
Apollo South


Doctor of Chiropractic (2002)
BSc Exercise Science/Athletic Trainer (1998)
Certified Independent Chiropractic Examiner (2012)
Functional Abilities Evaluation /ARCON Assessor (2013)

What I do around here:

Provide the best health care possible through chiropractic adjustment therapy and active exercise.  I am like a mechanic for your body, fine tuning the mechanical parts of your spine and musculoskeletal joints to prepare you for the rigors of life.

I became a Chiropractor because:

I received the benefits of chiropractic care when I was a teenager playing competitive hockey.  Many of the sports injuries that I experienced were mismanaged because prescription drugs were the recommended solution.  Being referred to a chiropractor, he was able to find the root cause of the problem and treat it successfully through adjustments and active therapy.  His education of health and wellness allowed me to gain a greater understanding of how the body works and how to be proactive, thus allowing me to extend my hockey career to my university years.  To this day I thank him for that gift, and I want to provide you the same.

My personal philosophy is:

With chiropractic care, maintaining proper structure and mobility of the spine and musculoskeletal system allows one to function, move, and become active without the limiting side effect of pain.  This allows people to reach and achieve their life goals.    Wellness and prevention are the keys to health and prosperity, and maintaining a properly functioning spine will allow one to achieve their goals pain free.

What I do for fun:

I enjoy activities that allow me to spend time with my wife and two daughters.  Riding on the bike trails of Ottawa, playing golf, hockey and soccer are just a few of the things that keep me active.  As well, spending a few days at the gym working on strength and aerobic conditioning allow me to stay fit and keep pace with my active children.  With very little down time, I occasionally like to spend a quiet night at home watching a movie or playing the Wii.


I have been a patient at the Apollo Clinic since December of 2012. Upon my first appointment I could feel a sense of comfort at Apollo. The comfort I felt was compounded each appointment I had. The therapists I was given have gone above and beyond the required level of commitment you would normally encounter. You are always greeted with not only a nice smile but passionate staff. They genuinely care about your physical well being and also your general well being which gives you a feeling of comfort I’m sure is rare when dealing with such traumatic issues. I can honestly say that I would not want to be anywhere else to deal with my physical issues. I would like to send a sincere thank-you to all the staff at the St.Laurent Apollo location.

-Shawn Ryan

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