Jacquelyn (Jacki) Murray

Jacquelyn (Jacki) Murray

Registered Massage Therapist
Apollo South


Registered Massage Therapist

What I do around here

I provide therapeutic massage to our clients, tailored to their needs.

I provide both light and deep tissue work, depending on what is appropriate for each individual person.

I became an RMT because

I love to work with people and I find the human body an amazing and fascinating thing. Working as an RMT allows me to work closely with people to help them reach their goals – whether that is stress relief or recovery from an injury, and everything in between!

My personal philosophy is

No one thing helps a person heal. It is important to see a person as a whole of many parts, and address all of these parts to help them heal and obtain optimal health.

What I do for fun

I love to spend time at my cottage with friends and family, and watch my children play sports.

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