Amanda Webber-Walls

Amanda Webber-Walls

Registered Massage Therapist
Apollo South


Registered Massage Therapist, Facial Stretch Therapy Level 1, Cranio-Structural Integration Level 2

What I do around here

Through my 20 years of experience, I’ve learned (and continue to learn!) that everything in the body is connected and by taking a whole body approach to my treatments, I’m able to help my clients achieve their therapeutic goals – whether that is enhanced athletic performance, decrease in pain and dysfunction, or achieving/maintaining optimal overall health.

I became an RMT because

I saw when I was young how powerful massage therapy could be. I always wanted to go into medicine, but healing the body naturally is a path to a greater long term health and opens the door for us to embrace and live to our full potential.

My personal philosophy is

Look at the whole body. Everything affects the whole. From mobility to nutrition, hydration and posture everything our body experiences has an effect.

What I do for fun

I work out, compete in fitness competitions, cycle, study, and spend time adventuring with my family.

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